Fostering and Adoption Charity

My father grew up as a foster child and as many children that are thrust into the system he struggled. In fact even after he had been taken in by a wonderful couple that he ended up calling mom and dad it took him a long time to straighten up. Nevertheless, because of my foster grandparents he turned his life around. I'm not saying that life was perfect or that it is even now but, without them my fathers life would have continued to be the kind that creates nightmares. I truly believe that they saw us as family and I never saw them as anything other than my grandparents. Because of their love, generosity and kindness my family's life is better. That is why our family wants to make sure that we can do what ever we can to help out not only foster children but, the fostering and adoption system as well. That is why we are going to donate 50% of all profits from the memorabilia line to local and national fostering and adoption groups. Thank you for helping us to keep his memory alive through helping those that can't help themselves!